Patient Testimonials

See what some of our patients have to say about our practice:

“I have been coming to Dr. Serena McKenzie for about five years and I absolutely love her and the Balancing Health office. I love that the office is clean and organized and the office staff are always warm and welcoming. Regarding Dr. McKenzie, I think she is amazing. She’s very loving and caring, listens to various issues and concerns going on in my life, and always provides honest feedback and healthy solutions. I’ve moved numerous times over the last five years, from Redmond to Mill Creek to downtown Seattle, and its always worth the drive to Woodinville and Balancing Health!” -KS, 30 years old

“I cannot say enough about Balancing Health and the practice of Dr. Serena McKenzie.  Dr. McKenzie has helped get my life back!  I have never felt so comfortable with a practice, they make you feel like a person and not a number.  The support and direction they give is amazing!  I have beem a patient of  Dr. McKenzie for over 4 years and during those years, I have lost close to 100lbs, became physically and mentally healthy, and have the confidence to continue a healthy lifestyle – thanks to this practice and Dr. McKenzie!!” -HC, 34 years old

“Dr. Marti one of the most thorough doctors that I have ever been a patient of! I mean that so sincerely. She always takes the extra time to explain things so well, to check into things, to make sure I completely understand and to look out for my best interest. I am so very appreciative that I found you and Balancing Health!!!” -SS, 50 years old

“Dr. O’Connell is one of the best doctors I have ever had. She cares deeply about her patients, she takes an interest in their lives, and she offers the best care. She promotes a natural, healthy lifestyle, and is always a great resource for other services that she does not provide.” -anonymous survey respondent

“My experience with Doctor McKenzie and her staff has been delightful. She and they go out of their way to take good care of me and my family. Her commen sense advice has been espically helpful when raising daughters and I highly recommend her for anyone with questions or concerns around women’s isues as well.” -KH, 56 years old

“I have been a pt  of Dr. O’Connell for years, and she is the one that discovered my 5 pound tumor when many other docs could not !  If you want to be hugged get a pet, she is doing a service, a damn good one! Well we all get older but I have never had an appointment where she did not spend plenty of time with me, and I would want her to err on the side of caution before trying any treatment if there is an underlying medical issue or you were a higher risk for cancer!!!  When I was very ill, and when my husband disappeared after 28 years, she was there for me, She is the GYN for many other medical professionals and that says a lot.” -DP, 56 years old

“I really appreciate a PCP who takes time to address my issues, listen to me, and give me suggestions for both natural and conventional options.” -anonymous survey respondent

“Balancing Health’s main appeal over other healthcare clinics is that I can have a choice to use alternative medicine. I like the idea of a holistic approach first, but the option of more conventional medicine if necessary.” -anonymous survey respondent

“I recently discovered acupuncture for back pain and am amazed with the results after just a few visits. Janna Rome is fantastic! I have been living on ibuprofen after playing soccer for thirty years and it’s great to finally treat the cause and not just the symptoms.” -SV

-In a survey taken in 2012, 62% of respondents rated Balancing Health as “much better than competitors.”

-The level of expertise and professionalism, the blend of eastern and western medicine practices, and practitioners that listen to and truly care about the patient were some of the top “specialties” of our office as ranked by a group of anonymous patients in a 2012 survey.