Dr. Mary O’Connell

Dr. O’Connell is retired from general practice as of November 1, 2013.

If you are a former patient of Dr. O’Connell who is has an current/active prescription from Dr. O’Connell, please be aware that Dr. O’Connell is NOT able to fulfill medication refill requests in her retirement. For refills, you must have those prescriptions transferred to another physician with whom you have established care.

If you are a former patient of Dr. O’Connell in need of your records, you may email her directly at mocmedicalrecords@yahoo.com or contact our front desk at 425-398-9355.

To receive your records, you may either have them mailed to you via Priority mail for a $20 fee or pick them up in person at the Whole Life Medicine office at no additional cost.

If you are specifically seeking a copy of your mammography records or other imaging done outside of the Balancing Health Integrative Medicine office, you may directly contact the facility where that imaging was done to request your records.