Most of us eat 3-6 times a day, 365 days a year.  We all know excess calories can lead to excess weight, but what about the other ways in which food choices impact our health?  It is well established that there is a connection between certain dietary practices and certain disease states.  It is also clear that making healthy food choices can prevent or reverse these same illnesses.

“If you find yourself increasingly focused on health and wellness, and are interested in making lifestyle changes offering lasting results, schedule a consultation to learn how to eat well and be nourished.” –Cheryl Decker, MS, RD, CD

During a nutritional consult can discuss your current diet, your current state of health and your family medical history, your health and dietary goals, and analyze your current diet and nutritional needs with our naturopathic physicians. Following this, they will collaborate with you to develop an eating plan that is practical and will set your up for success and, if necessary, will also refer you to a registered and certified dietitian.